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Emma’s Other Jumper

Emma's Other Jumper
Apparently little girls’ clothes are like potato chips or Lifetime movies—you’re never satisfied with just one.
I haven’t gifted this yet, so I am risking spoiling the surprise, but I just had to share this cuteness before I exploded. I mentioned a while ago about the little pink polka dot jumper I made for my cousin’s one year old daughter. Well, I also bought some blue polka dot corduroy at the time with the intention of making a jumper in the style of the Mini Boden one seen here. It turned out great. And adorable. And sweet. And cute. And all those words that describe little girls’ clothes.
Emma's Other Jumper Detail
Again I used Simplicity 4711 as a guide for the chest sizing and arm holes—just altered to add snaps at the shoulders and one pleat in the front and one in the back and a little pop of pink. I also made it one size bigger so she can grow into it. (They do grow fast, don’t they?)