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Here are some of my favorite frames from a recent roll of film. As with all of my film photography here on the blog, these are completely untouched by the likes of Photoshop. These were taken with 400 ISO film and a 50mm lens on an old Canon AE-1. Some frames that didn’t make it to the blog show that I really need to work on my manual focus. Near the end of the roll, I rewound the frames back a ways to try getting some double exposure shots. And the one photo of me was taken by my brother.

Film Photography

film photography water drops
film photography - foggy morning
film photography - path
film photography - autumn treeline
film photography - Cat
Film Photography - Tree

A handful of prints from the latest roll of expired film. As with all the film photography I share, they are completely ‘straight-out-of-camera’ and untouched by Photoshop. I use a Canon AE-1 and expired ISO 400 film.

(Have a grand Thanksgiving! I’ll see you here on Friday.)

Black & White

I think I was so excited about getting my last roll of film developed for only 3 bucks that I went ahead and shot up an old roll of black and white film in about a day. As far as the technical side, light is the most important aspect of photography, even more so with black and white. It’s a fun challenge to “capture light.” I had a few flops that just look washed out and dull, but I enjoy these ones below. I hope you do too. (As with all the film photos I share, these images are completely untouched, straight out of the camera.)
Now to get my hands on more film!

I know I promised an herb update post for you all on Sunday, but things are so busy. (Those were definitely a strange set of days last week. It’s back to high-gear now.) I’m hoping to get it up in the next day or two (as well as a back-log of other posts!)


I’m going to skip my weekly finds this week again and instead show you some prints from expired film I recently had developed. All are straight out of the camera and unedited.