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Buckaloo View Woodshop

Buckaloo View WoodshopHandmade

After sharing my handmade post yesterday, I sat down with my Dad to finally get him set up on Etsy. He’s a woodworker. I know I’m a bit biased, being his daughter and all, but he really does do nice work. I think it’s because he’s German and those Germans are a fussy bunch. They have that mentality of making something right, making it once to last a lifetime.


The shop is still in its early stages—so far, we’ve got his toaster tongs and cradle listed. I’d be honored and appreciative if you guys would check out his little shop and maybe even like Buckaloo View on Facebook.

For the Love of Handmade

handmade wool pouchhandmade buttons

I want to get back into the habit of supporting handmade regularly. I’d say frugality is the main reason I’ve avoided shopping on Etsy. But recently, I made two purchases on Etsy to help me create and help me create more efficiently.

For quite a while now, I’ve admired the  bags and creations from Infusion. The designs are simple but the obvious quality craftsmanship and quality materials make them so classic and timeless. I love that aesthetic. When I spotted the little wool pencil case (get one for yourself here) I knew I had found the solution to my messy knitting basket. (This is what it looked like before.) I was always untangling messes trying to get a pen or my little scissors and everything had to be dumped out the find that little paper clip or cable key. My tools all fit in the little pouch perfectly.

The other purchase was made at the ForestLass shop. The Lass, Sara, makes many things with materials inspired by nature from the environment around her. All I can say to sum her work up is that it all seems connected, it feels real and right. I planned to start up a buttoned cardigan after I completed the sweater currently on my needles but somehow I realized the pattern and yarn choices I made weren’t going to harmonize so instead I opted to make a shawl next. (More details when I cast on!) But before my change of plans, I ordered ten lovely almond wood buttons (plenty of buttons for sale here.) The buttons now get to be the center from which this future project will grow around. Now to decided which pattern I want to go with and an appropriate yarn. (I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Sedum or the Alderbrook.)

Both of these ladies have lovely blogs as well. You can visit Abby at Infusion and Sara and ForestLass.

Have you bought anything handmade recently, either on Etsy or elsewhere?

Buying Handmade.

Along with sewing for myself, I decided it was time to treat myself to few somethings. Not only did I get to support some great bloggers and handmade in general, I got some pretty awesome items.
Tucked In Card.
Those items include a beautiful, simplistic note card from Mindee Photographee (shop and blog)—which is so pretty I doubt I’ll have the nerve to ever write in. It may just reside on my inspiration wire for a little while. You should definitely check out her shop, she takes amazing photos.
Handmade lovely.
As a brunette, I may be considered a traitor for picking out a blonde doll from Threaded Basil (shop and blog) but I fell in love with her cute yellow dress and her beret. I also realize she is probably intended for a little girl but, hey, I’m still a kid at heart. I can’t decide whether or not to call her Cecile or Francoise.
Button Necklace.
And the third item was a super sweet button necklace from Field Wonderful (shop and blog) aptly named First Snowfall. I’m not really a big wearer of necklaces unless I *really* love them. Usually I just wear big earrings. But Allison really sold this item, placing it on the rocks all pretty like—definitely caught my eye. And I’m happy to say it looks even prettier on a human neck.
Crocheted Rock
When I was carrying the package in from the mailbox, I figured there was either an extra something in the envelope or those buttons were heavy. Luckily it was the former. I opened it to find one of Allison’s crochet covered rocks! It’s so beautiful.

I’m super happy with all of my purchases. And I can’t recommend enough checking out their shops or blogs!

Holy Giveaway Response, Batman!

Thank you all for participating here. I’m honored and floored that so many of you were interested in this little make-up bag!
I went with to choose the winning comment number. Apparently the way WordPress numbers the comments here is from the very start of the blog. So the giveaway post comments ranged from numbers 268 to 799!
And the winning comment is…
Untitled-1 copy
Congrats to Jacquie of Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree! I’ll send you your congratulatory email ASAP. You have 24 hours to reply back to me; otherwise I’ll redraw the number and pick a new winner tomorrow.
Thanks again, everyone. :) There will be future giveaways, for sure.

I’m offering 20% off everything in my shop (minus shipping) from now until June 8th. Simply mention the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway when checking out. Refund will be given via Paypal.

Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all the Mama’s out there a wonderful day tomorrow.
I’d like to do a little shout out to Stelie Designs, Smock Paper, Made by Keli and Dutch Door Press where I ordered cards this year. (What can I say? There are a lot of amazing Mama’s in my life.) Be sure to check out their shops.


It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog front. I’ve been pretty busy. Let’s see…
I got a new tattoo.

I’ve been getting out and enjoying the warmth.

IMG_3463 copy