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sky lake water reflection

sky sunset lake reflection

The above photos were pulled out of the archives, from back in ’08 (when my hair was long!)

But now Anne Hathaway really has me thinking about getting a pixie cut.

I’ve started up a tumblr blog. I’m calling it Liesl Made+. It’s basically a supplemental blog, linking up to my posts here as well as a place to share extra photos, outtake photos, old photos, etc. We’ll see how well it goes.

It’s true: I judge books by their covers. So, this one looks good.

I splurged on this album. I don’t know why I like her but I do.

Speaking of music, this is a good article. This is my favorite bit from the article: “Music shouldn’t be free. It shouldn’t even be cheap. If you consume all the music you want all the time, compulsively, sweatily, you end up having a cheap relationship to the music you do listen to. In turn, this kind of market makes for musicians who are writing with the burden of having to get your attention, instead of writing whatever they’d write if they were just following artistic impulses. It’s increasingly difficult and un-rewarding to write music that is considered, patient, and simple* when the market increasingly demands music that is easy, thoughtless, and careless.”

And how about MTV? A humorous (but ohsotrue) response to that oft asked question of why don’t they play music videos anymore. (And proof that I’m getting old!)

Love the warm glow of this photo (via a post over at Posie Gets Cozy.)

Tetchiness is a cool word.

And I’m kinda in love with wolfhounds right now. Two photos and an illustration here: Here, here and here.

I don’t remember how I found this wind map but it’s beautiful. You can see past captures in the gallery here.

And thank you all for the all the great feedback and suggestions to my recent questions.

What have you been finding and enjoying this week?

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  1. Reply
    Casey November 16, 2012

    My 5 year old just got a pixie cut! Not that that will help you make your decision haha! I love pixie cuts, I could not pull it off though, I think that you could.

  2. Reply
    Genevieve November 17, 2012

    Great finds! I LOVE the wind map! Even though it made my heart go flip flop to look at the map for hurricane Sandy’s landfall.

    Pixie cuts are oh so cute! You should download your picture on and try on a pixie cut! Here Looks fun! :)

    We have friends who have a wolfhound. His name is Finnegan (Finnie for short) He’s so cute and the BIGGEST baby ever. :)

    I’m excited to check out your tumblr!

  3. Reply
    nicola lynde November 18, 2012

    Beautiful pictures. Hair is such a funny thing, after my recent adventures I feel like I could brave just about any cut. And Anne looks so cute with a pixie, I’ve also always loved Michelle Williams cropped do.

  4. Reply
    Kerri Warmus November 18, 2012

    I’m enjoying visiting your blog. Beautiful photos and I really enjoyed the Lana Del Rey CD samples so have added it to my wish list. Thanks for sharing.

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