Gratitude Sunday

Every week, I try to join in Gratitude Sunday with Taryn and others over at Wooly Moss Roots. We take the time to acknowledge all the things (big and small) that we were most grateful for in the past week.

mug of tea

This week I am grateful:

knitting red white and blue patriotic yarn

To live in a country where I have the right to vote.

And for all the women who came before me, who fought to grant me that right.

All the hard working people who are restoring power and cleaning up after this storm.

Including the guys who came on Wednesday and got our power back on by that evening.

And my sweet Mama, who brought them out some hot coffee and candy.

For organizations like the Red Cross which are helping so many people. (Donate here.)

Akismet. I may have already mentioned this one in a previous week but I’m still grateful. It gobbles up a ton of spam here on my blog.

knitting yarn
That I remembered I had Frequent Shopper Points over at so I could get the yarn I need for the socks I’m gifting this year (plus a little extra for other projects!)

What are YOU grateful for this week?


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    Snoodles November 11, 2012

    I’m grateful for my health, and for the love of my family. I’m also grateful for the things that I take for granted every day, that the women before me would not have….going to bed with a dishwasher sloshing and a dryer humming. Makes you think.
    I’m also grateful that I have friends in the blog-world that bear me up in their thoughts and prayers. What a blessing!

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    Heathermama November 11, 2012

    the red cross is such a great organization. and i am so happy for you, getting power back on is a huge one!

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    sustainablemum November 11, 2012

    It is good to hear that help was available for you when you most needed it.

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    annie @ montanasolarcreations November 11, 2012

    That is so sweet your mom gave the workers treats!

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    Taryn Kae Wilson November 12, 2012

    Tea and knitting.. two things I love. :)

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