Weekly Finds

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done a Weekly Finds. I don’t really have a photo for this post so I’m digging one out of the archives.

Loving the cover of this Tristan Prettyman album.

Finally splurged on GP&theN’s newest album. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s an enjoyable album but I guess I just prefer the older stuff.

Keep little hands warm with a pair of Knitted Home’s super cute mittens.

Have you seen the lovely feathered earrings at Forest Lass shop?

Or this sweet print?

This is a very cool read.

I know we are already 10 days into November but if you need a (free) desktop wallpaper, here is one and here is another.

I’ve found, when it comes to Pinterest, I binge. For weeks there I wasn’t even logging in or pinning. But recently, I’ve needed a little visual pick-me-up so I’ve been pinning like mad. I’m not going to overload my post here, so just click here too see my recent pins.

Now is where I need your feedback, you clever, creative bunch you:

My Grandmother will be turning 90 in beginning of January. We are having a little shindig for her. I’m in charge of party favors. My mind has been buzzing for a while about what would be the best idea. I know that I want to steer clear of trinkets. People don’t need useless knickknacks (unless they have some sentimental meaning.) I want to go for something practical. I was think of jars of hot cocoa mix, soup mix, chai mix,etc.
Do you have any great ideas for me? Something that will commemorate the day but also be useful.

How do you organize your belts? I was gifted a bunch of belts this summer and currently have them shoved in a garbage bag in my closet. I’m sure I’d wear them more if they were organized better. And while I’m on this subject: how do you organize your winter accessories, like hats and scarves? They are also all in a bag in my closet.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my weekly list of gratitudes.

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    Genevieve November 12, 2012

    Great finds!

    The mixes sound like a cute idea! Does your grandma have any special recipes? It would be cute to type out the recipes for favors. Something like that.

    tell her happy birthday for us! :)

    I hang my scarves on hangers and I keep my hats and gloves in a bag like you. As for belts, I roll them and keep them in the top drawer of my dresser. It seems like I’ve seen belt hangers somewhere…ikea? Or target?


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    tammie November 13, 2012

    that works of literature article was really good. i saw the diving bell and the butterfly about a year ago and its really stuck with me.

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    Annie November 15, 2012

    ^I’m with Genevieve – I’d type up one of her favorite recipes to pass out and depending on what it is (a mix) you could tie it to jars of the mix to pass out. Or if its a quick bread or brownies, etc, you could make a plate of it for everyone to share & set a stack of the recipe (on cards) next to the plate for people to take.
    Or what about a favorite picture(s) of your grandmother in a cute way you could replicate? Like a little locket or small wall-picture frame? Maybe one on her 1st or 2nd birthday & one of her on her 90th birthday next to it.

    *Belts: I hang them on nails (1-2 per nail) on the back of our closet door. I’ve seen hangers for them at Bed Bath & Beyond by Real Simple (here is a link for a scarf hanger:
    *Scarves: I hang them on hangers with my coats (1 -2 scarves per coat) & the decorative ones on a shelf in my closet at eye-level.
    *Gloves: I keep a pair in each coat & the rest in our entry table’s drawer.
    *Hats: entry table’s drawer.

    & thanks for mentioning me! – what a great surprise :)

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