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Remember all those beans I picked? Well I finally got them all shelled, rinsed off (with a little vinegar water) and dried out. Once I’m confident they are fully dry we will store them for future use. There are about four pounds.

We are also attempting to dry some of our hot peppers. The top photo was taken three weeks ago. The second just yesterday. It’s interesting how the Hungarian Wax peppers are normally that pale yellow-green and turned orange or red. We also strung another bunch vertically but they aren’t drying as well. I definitely recommend hanging them horizontally like this if you can. Simply thread a needle with a sturdy string and hang them up.

A few weeks ago we also roasted, pureed and froze all our butternut and hubbard squash. They are quite beautiful, aren’t they?

There has been (like always) a lot more going on in our kitchen but most stuff gets gobbled up too quick. I have a handful of recipes to share but I need to make second (or in some cases third) batches to make sure the recipe is just right.

What’s been going on in YOUR kitchen?


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    Lori November 11, 2012

    How do your store the seeds once they are dry? I have two beans worth of seeds sitting on my counter. I didn’t know to rinse them so can I still do that before storing them for the winter?

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      Liesl November 11, 2012

      Hi Lori,
      Honestly, I don’t even know if what we did was right. Some of the beans we harvested were still damp so a few started getting moldy. I picked them out but was worried that any growth might have spread to the others so my Mom suggested a vinegar rinse. Immediately after I put them on cookie sheets in the oven at the lowest temp for no more than an hour. I let them lay out for another day or two then put them in a ziploc bag to store.
      If your beans are nice and dry and clean, I wouldn’t think you’d need to bother rinsing.

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