Weekly Finds.

Rainy Day Excuse
Wednesday night I fell asleep listening to a fox outside. I woke Thursday morning to thunder. The rain excused me from weeding in the garden.

I poked my head out to pull my plants out from under the eave of the house, it seemed like a cool, rainy autumn day. I dressed accordingly. (Top via eBay, undershirt via Gap, vintage flats via eBay, jeans via Gap, Cuff via eBay.) Wishful thinking, I suppose. Later the sun came out and the heat rose and the air thickened up. I’m just grateful for air conditioning.

To Read
Lots was done around the house (mostly in the kitchen.) Then errands were run. Books picked up from the library: Make the Bread, Buy the Butter and Herbivoracious are to flip through while Bright’s Passage and An Object of Beauty are two novels I’ve been itching to get lost in ever since they were released.

The day ended with ominous looking skies, flashes of light and booms of thunder but not much more rain. And curling up to watch Project Runway while knitting. (Although the top three were lovely, this one should have been included, in my opinion. And I’m not so sure Hiedi had the right to judge any looks considering what she was wearing…)

Earlier in the week, I got a little over-excited about pinning free-printables. I used to keep them saved in Firefox’s bookmark menu but it’s difficult to scroll through a wordy list to find that printable you saw months ago. That’s one thing I love about Pinterest. It’s bookmarking for us visual types. Check out all the cute printables I’ve pinned to this board. (I’m not a pinner who pins for the sake of pinning. I use Pinterest because I like visual bookmarking. I check links and sources. I only pin crafts/foods/tips that I feel I will use (someday!) or really do find inspiring.)

Sorting through my bookmarks, I also found this floor plan, which I love. The kitchen/eating nook/mudroom/pantry are nearly exactly what I’ve always wanted in my dream home.

My mother asked me what a mirrorless camera was. I am ashamed to say I didn’t know. But I looked it up. Sounds interesting.

To make to eat: Spinach, Mushroom and Feta Crustless Quiche and Coconut Flour Bread.

To craft: Zipper Card Pouch and a lovely shirt re-vamp.

Someday I’d love to add spinner to my repertoire.

This photo is darling (via Forestlass.)

I think if my suitcase looked like this, I’d go anywhere.

OK, I think that’s enough find for one week. I’ll be back with a Garden Update tomorrow.


  1. Reply
    Lori July 27, 2012

    I love the randomness of this post.

    I love your photography.

    I love the cuff! And the shoes!

    I love the forestlass photo too…

    • Reply
      Liesl July 29, 2012

      Oh, Lori. That’s how my life (and brain) have been working lately. Random. :) Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Reply
    Tina July 27, 2012

    I LOVE everything about your post today but have to tell you I’m quite envious of your flats, they’re awesome!

  3. Reply
    Annie July 28, 2012

    I’m with everyone else, completely in love with all your links! I think I’ve pinned at least 3 already! I think if we had been neighbors, we would have a secret farmhouse-hideout in the woods between our houses where we would craft & read all day. Just sayin’. Glad things are well!

    • Reply
      Liesl July 29, 2012

      Annie, I’d love it if we were neighbors! Borrowing a cuppa sugar and all that. I’ve been dreaming about getting my hands on an vintage airstream trailer, gutting it and turning it into a little adult fort in the back field where I can knit and sew and just hide away from everything. :)

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