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I’ve been noticing plastics around me more. We freeze our vegetables (and berries and pumpkin puree and more) in Ziploc Freezer Bags. I started to wonder if they were BPA free. Looks like they are. Ideally, I’d like to find an alternative to bags though, but for now, they will have to do. How do you freeze your produce?

I was searching for info on cold frames which led to gardening in cold climates which led to gardening in Iceland which led to this blog. I always wonder how things grow in different parts of the world, especially in such vastly different climes like Iceland.

Recently found this site. It’s got me rethinking a lot of the “natural” soaps and lotions and stuff I use.

I found a new artist via Jacquie (she’s got great taste in music! And is having a super sale in her shop right now!) The artst’s name is Emma Louise. I’ve been taking advantage of sources online to listen for free, but I’m thinking I might need to buy the EP soon.

NearSea Naturals is giving away some fabric this summer! Swing over to this blog post to learn more.

Allison of Field Wonderful is having a pretty great giveaway as well. Hurry over though, it closes Sunday night (US Eastern time.) After you enter, take your time to browse around. She’s got a great blog.

Pinterest makes me want to have a wedding. Or at least more parties.

I’m so making this. Can’t wait until we harvest out beets!


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    Harmony July 1, 2012

    I have started recently freezing my berries in mason jars. Seems to be working very well and they store much more neatly than ziplocs.

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      Liesl July 1, 2012

      I’ve been thinking of using jars too. I’m just concerned about space! I think they’d take up quite a bit more than bags.

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    Harmony July 2, 2012

    We have the older style refrigerator/freezer with the door that swings out. The rack in the door holds the jars perfectly. Maybe I’ll have that be my “tour Tuesday” photo tomorrow on fb. I think the space issue depends on your freezer and how it is laid out.

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    Annie July 4, 2012

    I LOVE that beet cheek-stain idea! We’ve eaten the few beets we planted and gave away the beet greens (as we haven’t found a way to cook them that we like yet), but I’ll have to try making the make-up from our next crop that I just planted a few days ago.

    How soon do you forsee harvesting your beets?

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      Liesl July 6, 2012

      Oh man, my poor Dad. He gets that question relentlessly from me in many forms: “When can we harvest some beets? Are the beets ready? Can we pick beets today? Are the beets ready?” It should be any day now, they are definitely looking ready. The second batch we planted will be a little while longer. If you ever do come across a good way to cook the greens, do share! So far, we’ve put a few in salads. I’m sure you could make “chips” from them, like you can with kale.

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