Weekly Finds.

Thank you all for the feedback on knitting patterns. I did sign up over at Ravelry and poked around and found a dishcloth pattern I like that looks simple enough. And the ballband one knottygnome suggested looks great too.

Outfit Planning.
I’m going to a party this weekend and think I found my outfit.

Nighttime treat.

Keeping busy.

Now some finds:

So adorable! (I just wish they were organic so I could splurge and still be within the rules of my challenge.)

I found these simple homemade butterfingers on pinterest, and did a little research and apparently Jelly Belly candy corn is vegan. Perhaps I’ll make these someday!

I’m also thinking I might start a tradition of making handmade ornaments for some family and friends every Christmas/Yule. Maybe something like this, this year.

Love this look! And this one too!

A fresh take on the granny square.

The new season of The Good Wife started up. Unfortunately, the second half of the season premiere didn’t tape, so I’ll watch it online. Another show I think is super cute is New Girl. I kind of have a girl crush on Zooey Deschanel.


  1. Reply
    tammie October 1, 2011

    love these links. i want homemade butterfingers!!!

    girl crushes are fun. i have one on amy sedaris.

  2. Reply
    Jodi October 1, 2011

    That’s a funky granny! Love it. And I can’t believe that I missed “The Good Wife.” Thank goodness for online shows. I know what I’ll be watching tonight.

  3. Reply
    allison October 1, 2011

    I can’t get enough of your hexagons! So pretty.

    I love your ornament inspiration. Growing up, my mom, sister, and I would make homemade ornaments every year to give away. It’s great to see them on the tree now and remember each year.

    Also, Zooey is really hard NOT to have a girl crush on. I heard she’s coming out with a Christmas album. Can’t wait!

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