July Craft Book Challenge

Lingerie Carry-All
As I mentioned, I have a thing for making drawstring bags lately. So it was a little predictable that I make the lingerie carry-all in Simple Sewing with a French Twist. I’ve had this book for quite a few years, oohhed and aahed over the prettiness but never attempted anything from it. I like that there are cute little illustrations for the various steps. This project was plenty easy to figure out and construct. Like I often do, I skipped copying the template provided in the back of the book (because you have to enlarge it by like 250% and that is such a pain) and instead just eyeballed the shape.
Linergie Carry-All
I’m an incurable homebody so I don’t foresee myself needing a travel lingerie carry-all too often, so it’ll probably find another use. I think it may get hung up and hold some bits and bobs in my studio.
Lingerie Carry-All
The front is an Amy Butler print while the back and lining are a secondhand pink cotton. The strings are simple cotton twill tape.


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    It’s very pretty, Liesl, especially those crisp, gathered edges. I’ve been thinking of making myself a travel bag for an upcoming trip, but probably not this time. Maybe someday!

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    Jodi July 27, 2011

    I made myself on of these using Martha’s directions for one of your early Craft Book Challenges. They’re very handy. Great fabric choice.

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